Contractor License #262280

Anderson Pump Company is a BBB Accredited Pumping Contractor in Chowchilla, CA

Pumps are an integral part of almost all water systems. Detailed knowledge of how efficiently a pump is operating within a system can lead to tangible monetary savings.

Our pump test program is aimed at insuring that your system is operating as efficiently as possible, using the least amount of electrical or mechanical energy needed to get your job done. We can complete a thorough test of your pump system and provide a detailed report as well as improvement recommendations.

Anderson Pump is currently working with the Center for Irrigation Technology to provide "no cost" testing to our customers.  Contact us for further information.


rebatesRebate and incentive programs can be complicated and frustrating.  There are typically several applications and forms involved, plus constant communication with the appropriate agencies.  Thousands of dollars that could be issued to the customer can be lost if the process is not handled correctly.  Our knowledgeable staff can handle the entire process for you and no additional cost.  Through thorough research of rebates and incentives on a case-by-case basis, we work hard to ensure our customers are rewarded the highest rebate and/or incentive possible.

Several government organizations now offer several rebate and incentive programs to assist customers in meeting their water and energy needs.  Contact us to learn more about any of the available programs.